Our company is located in Yantai Shandong Province of China.Yantai lies in the middle of Shandong province. It connects with Weihai in east and Weifang in West.The south-west is close to Qingdao.And it is close to the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, Face Japan, South Korea and North Korea across the sea. It is the central area of Shandong Industrial base which Shandong government concentrate to make. Here has the graceful landscape with pleasant climate. It’s one of the most suitable city to live for human-beings regarded by U.N.. The economy of Yantai is one of the most flourishing in Shandong Province. It has the proper structure for economy and industry, perfectly completed conditions for industry, primitive and excellent cultural environment. And all of these support the development of Yantai’s industry powerfully.

We are the integrated economy combined the industry and trade, which do the international business mostly. “Self-improvement in Truth-seeking, Self-transcending in innovation” are our core values. “Dedicating to work, Hardworking, Strict in discipline, Keep honor and promise” are the entrepreneurship. “Provide the best products and services with best price, Seek the collective development” are our Management Philosophy. “Keep services and sincereness for ever” are our service philosophy, “Be absorbed in every details for the satisfaction of every customer” is our quality philosophy. “Set an example of first-class enterprise, Keep sustainable development. Create maximum benefit for employees, shareholders, nation and society ” are the corporate mission. On the base of all above, our company continue to make progress of rapid development by a new way.

Main products of our company:
1、Molded plastic products(Disposable plastic tableware, flowerpot and tools for planting etc.)
2、Environmental protection and degradable(Substitute for plastic)products.(Disposable environmental degradable plastic tableware, environmental degradable flowerpot and tools for planting etc.)
3、Biodegradable Tableware(Paper Tableware, Wooden Tableware)
4、Biodegradable Pet Pot
5、Biodegradable Bag and Mulch Film
6、Woven plastic products(Be mainly with all types of flexible freight bags)
7、Sports goods(Swimming and fitness equipments)
8、Suction Plastic Products
9、Blueberry Food
10、Mould(Be mainly with injection mould)

We have many factories to support our trade. Incluing: Yantai Haiwan Plastic Tableware Co.,Ltd, Yantai Tianming Injection Plastic Products Co.,Ltd, Yantai ZhongSheng Moulding and Plastic Products Co.,Ltd, Yantai Weijia Plastic Products Co.,Ltd and Canada W.J. Blueberry Farm.

The quality is regarded as the life in our company. All branch factories belongs to us carry out QC strictly and normatively by the requirements of modern enterprise administration. All branch factories have passed over the ISO9000 Quality System Authentication. Besides some branch factory of us has passed over QS Authentication etc. according the different requirement of professional industry. So that we can insure to support the satisfied products which customers need.

In our company, there are many outstanding professional technicians in different industry. They can complete the products research including concept design, function design and entity design. And also they can complete the whole research of manufacturing process including the mould design, the prescription of material design and the process design etc. Besides, we can meet the requirements of various products customization in packing design, printing design, follow-up design for products etc. Meanwhile, There are many salesmen and management professional who are specialized in international business. They can provide our customers with best services. because they all have several years international business experiences and they are all familiar with all kinds of international trade rules and practices, and they all work hard with all their minds.